Delcam PowerShape

PowerSHAPE CAD software provides a complete environment to take your product ideas from concept to reality. PowerSHAPE offers unrivalled freedom to manipulate surface form of the CAD model, to build from wireframe and make global changes with solid feature operations and editing. PowerSHAPE follows the philosophy of “Simple to create, easy to modify”. PowerSHAPE includes all PowerSHAPE’s core hybrid modelling tools as well as a number of features that are focused specifically upon the needs of designers.

Total Modelling

Total modelling brings together elements of PowerSHAPE, ArtCAM and CopyCAD in a unique, fully integrated combination of solid modelling, surface modelling, triangle modelling, reverse engineering and decoration techniques.

Total modelling provides a fast method of

  • Adding textures and decoration
  • Adding styling features

Total Modelling allows “What If” changes to be made interactively at any stage of the design process. Surfaces and solids may be morphed to new shapes. Complex 3D reliefs may be re-sized, moved, edited, or replaced with entirely new artwork. Together these Total Modelling techniques allow to expand your capabilities far beyond what is achievable with conventional CAD alone.

Embossing provides a quick and easy way of adding features and textures that would usually be too complex to model using traditional techniques. Complex 3D reliefs generated straight from 2D artwork or scanned images are ‘wrapped’ quickly and accurately onto 3D surfaces and solid models.
Morphing allows even finished designs to be modified quickly and simply. Shapes may be bent, twisted, and stretched interactively to achieve more artistic forms. For high accuracy applications, PowerSHAPE ‘reference and control’ morphing methods let you precisely manipulate complex models. If you need to change a design to make it more aesthetic, or to make it manufacturable, PowerSHAPE gives the morphing tools you need.

Delcam Render

Easy photo-realistic imaging of CAD models that provides the designer with a choice of professional lighting studios and textures. Within a couple of minutes a designer can have a rendered image showing a design in a scene with spotlights and shadows. Creating high quality images with Delcam Render becomes an integral part of the design process.

  • Materials library: Render has several hundred materials pre-configured to choose from. These range from textured swatches that suggest moods and seasons to tactile metals and woods. Alternatively Render allows materials to be simply created and stored for your own collection
  • Lighting studios: To avoid spending time setting up lights, Render comes with a professional selection of lighting studios that are easy to compare to highlight the design in the ideal ambience
  • Scenes: Render provides a simple set of scenes to place your design in. These can be customised with your own environments
  • Rendering while you think: Render works in a separate thread to PowerSHAPE and will render the model being worked on while the computer is idle in the background. If the scene is completed before the user starts work again the image will be flashed to the front until the user recommences. This allows the designer to review the product being modelled in a real environment giving the chance to perfect the styling earlier in the process
  • Label wrapping: Render wraps labels that may have been scanned and imported into PowerSHAPE. These are dynamically slipped and scaled over the product

Delcam Assembly

Delcam Assembly modelling provides the designer or a team of designers with a means of building up models from components from other models.

Delcam Drafting

Associative drafting allows you to create detailed engineering drawings from scratch or directly from the 3D model. Delcam Drafting has been developed to manage the most complex of drawings supporting grouped levels, engineering tolerancing and machining symbols.

  • Associativity between 2D drawing and 3D model
  • Automatic sectioning
  • Libraries of standard and user defined parts
  • Customized templates and a “notes” drawing
  • Bills of material
  • Automatic schedules of assembly components, balloons, circles, workplanes, symbols and points
  • Hidden line removal
  • Insertion of Microsoft OLE objects such as bitmaps and spreadsheets
  • Support for all major International Standards
  • Dual inch/metric dimensioning
  • PowerSHAPE’s Intelligent Cursor for rapid construction and analysis
  • Geometric tolerancing
  • Dimensions, text, hatching, workplanes, lines, arcs, balloons, symbols, drawing sheets and scaled views
  • Printing and plotting
  • A wide range of data formats for import and export including DXF
  • OLE support for VB application add-ins
  • A comprehensive macro language for customisation
  • Full revision history through PS-Team